Fast Bread Machine Sourdough

Pretzels photo for Fast Bread Machine Sourdough

The bread machine tends to be too fast of a process for sourdough. However there are a couple of things you can try. You can use the machine to make and knead the dough, then allow more rising time out of the machine and bake in a conventional oven. You can also extend the rising times in your machine before baking to allow more sour flavor development. To adapt a bread machine recipe to use your sourdough starter, replace ¾ cup water and ¾ cup flour in your recipe with 1 cup of fed sourdough sponge. Here is a bread machine recipe to use as a starting point. Since the bread machine process is faster, there is added yeast in the recipe.



Place the ingredients in the bread machine using the standard white bread setting.

If the bread from your machine tends to collapse, cut the ½ cup of warm water by 1-2 Tablespoons. Makes 1 half-pound loaf.

Bakers requires an assortment of bread baking ingredients.


Fill Your Home with the Fresh Baked Aroma of Sourdough Bread.