Answers to customer questions about candy making.

blowing a bubble

If I ordered a bubble gum kit from you but wanted to use spearmint leaves from my garden for flavor, how would I do this?

A: You could try putting them through a food processor or muddling them (like for a mojito) and see if you get enough flavor but I believe you’ll have to boost it a bit with spearmint oil. The problem with using only spearmint leaves is that you may have to use quite a lot of leaves to get significant flavor and then you might have issues trying to get the gum base mixed because of the added moisture from the leaves. You will need to experiment with it and may even need to adjust the amount of glycerin you use. The oil extract is very concentrated so you won’t have texture issues by using just a few drops.

Q: How many pieces of bubble gum will the kit make?

A: Each batch can yield 25 to 30 pieces. Each kit makes 4 batches