Calcium Chloride Liquid (30%)

Calcium Chloride Liquid (30%)
Item 1457

When using store-bought, pasteurized milk, the home cheesemaker must compensate for the altered protein. Without adjustment the milk will not respond properly and the curd will remain too soft. To adjust your milk, add a 30% solution of calcium chloride (not more than ½ tsp. per gallon). This addition will help compensate for the over processing of store-bought milk in two ways. It contributes extra calcium ions and slightly increases the acidity of the milk. Both of these factors result in a firmer curd being developed in less time. Use only pharmaceutical-grade calcium chloride and DO NOT add it to the milk dry! The chemical reaction caused when re-hydrating the compound will get the milk way too hot.

1457Calcium Chloride Liquid (30%)$3.491 oz
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