Ultimate Cheese Kit

Ultimate Cheese Kit
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For the individual with an interest in unlocking the secrets to making cheese at home. The author of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Cheese Making has assembled this kit. It contains all the tools and ingredients for making all the cheeses in the book. The Ultimate Cheese Kit Includes:

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Comes with or without The Complete Idiots Guide to Cheese Making

Tomme cheese press: This pressing system has the capacity to press curd from 3 to 4 gallons of milk with constant pressure and without the need for regular adjustments

12 inch curd knife: This professional quality curd knife has a full twelve inch long stainless steel blade and a 4 inch nylon handle. It is dishwasher safe

Two yards each of coarse and fine cheese cloth: for draining curds and lining cheese press and shaping molds

Bamboo draining mat: excellent for air drying your cheeses, particularly the soft mold ripened cheeses.

Ricotta cheese baskets: This basket replicates the identical impressions on your cheese as the traditional straw baskets

Red cheese wax: specially made for coating cheese for aging. It helps prevent unwanted mold growth while retaining moisture in the aging cheese.

Wax Brush: an efficient tool for coating cheese. This 1 inch brush is made with boar bristles, Digital thermometer with timer: A large clear digital display gives readings between -58° to 392°F; includes a 4¾ inch stainless steel probe with protective tip cover, maximum-minimum memory function, and data hold function. Sampling time is only one second

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cheese Making is for anyone interested in the traditional art of cheese making at home. There are nearly 50 recipes for homemade cheese and delicious dishes using them.

Ingredients include:

Mesophilic-A is for fresh and hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby, Feta, Chevre. Package contains eight 1/4 teaspoons, enough to prepare eight 5 gallon batches.

Mesophilic-M is for fresh cheeses such as Camembert, Gouda, Blue, Baby Swiss and others where a buttery flavor and eye formation is desired. Package contains eight 1/4 teaspoons, enough to prepare eight 5 gallon batches.

Thermophilic starter culture: For Italian cheeses like parmesan, romano, provolone and mozzarella; also for swiss and feta. 1/4 teaspoon will ripen 3 to 5 gallons of milk. Package contains eight 1/4 teaspoons, enough to prepare eight 5 gallon batches.

Propionic shermanii cultures: This starter creates the eyes and aroma in Swiss, Gruyere and Emmenthal. Use 1/8 teaspoon for 2 gallons of milk. Package contains one teaspoon.

Mild lipase powder: An enzyme found in raw milk and also produced by microorganisms that split the fat molecules into fatty acids which create flavor. It gives blue, mozzarella, parmesan and other Italian cheeses that distinctive flavor.

Rennet tablets: This product contains no animal products. Marschall milk coagulant tablets are enzymatic preparations specially designed to be used in small volume cheese making to coagulate milk and to produce cheese of excellent quality.

Annatto coloring: A natural vegetable dye used to give many cheese varieties, especially the Cheddars, a yellow-orange hue.

Calcium chloride solution: Improves curd strength and yield when using store bought milk. Citric acid: Cheese makers use it to adjust the acidity of milk and/or in place of starter cultures as in our One Hour Mozzarella Recipe.

Tartaric acid: Used to make mascarpone cheese.

Cheese salt: This is specialty grade, additive free, pure salt for seasoning cheese, canning, hot sauce and mustards recipes and preserving meats.

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