Quick Cheese Kit

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Leeners You-make-Kit Brand Quick Cheese Kit makes a variety of cheeses from store-bought whole milk or raw milk from dairy animals. A quick cheese is one that is ready to eat shortly after making it. The kit includes citric acid, tartaric acid, calcium chloride solution, rennet tablet, cheese salt and fine cheese cloth. Recipes include Indian Paneer, Italian Mascarpone and Ricotta, South American Queso Blanco (white cheese) and American Style Mozzarella. These cheeses, made with store-bought milk, are ready to eat as soon as they are made and some can be prepared in as little time as half an hour. The Quick Cheese Kit will make unlimited amounts of cheese from your milk and standard pantry items; as well as 2 pounds of American style mozzarella; it’s also a great scout or science project for children ages 12 and up with adult supervision.

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