Flaked Salt

Flaked Salt
Item 1465

Specialty grade, additive free pure salt for seasoning cheese, hot sauce and mustard recipes. Also used in canning and preserving meats. Flaked salt is excellent on pop corn because the fine texture helps it cling to the popped cornels. All of our recipes are based on the use of pure flaked salt, for which there is no substitute. For ease of use we have given recipe amounts in volume rather than weight. Since flaked salt is very fine, a given volume of flaked salt can weigh as much as 20% more than table or other salts. Other salts, especially sea salt contain additional minerals which add flavors and may cause unwanted chemical reactions, this is also true of salt additives and treatments used to alter color and prevent caking.

1465Flaked Salt$4.992 lb
1468Flaked Salt$39.9950 lb bag
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