Stainless Steel Kettles

You will need a stainless steel or enamel lined pot which will hold at least 10 quarts, a cover for your cheese pot, a long bladed stainless steel carving knife which will easily reach the bottom of your cheese pot, and a ladle or large spoon. You will also need to have a good supply of hot water, a couple of towels to dry things up when they spill and glass or stainless steel measuring cup and measuring spoons. A kitchen timer will also help remind you when it is time for the next step. The specialized equipment used by home cheese makers is not complicated. These items are included in our cheese making kits and with the proper care they will last a long time. They include a thermometer with temperature range of 0 to 212 degrees F, two yards of cheese cloth, a draining basket/form, cheese press, and for hard aged cheese you will need cheese wax and a waxing brush.

homemade cheese tray

Cheese Making

Making Cheese is Easy When You Use Our Supplies and Methods.