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Cider in the winter

Q: I'm making hard cider using the apple wine concentrate. I have finished the primary fermentation (it took about 7 days for the valve to stop bubbling) but I wasn't sure when you said to siphon the cider to the large bottle how much if it we siphon off. Do we leave sediment (the cider is cloudy at the moment is it's difficult to know what sediment there is). I presume we don't siphon it all off. Is it usually an inch that's left on the bottom? More?

A: When racking hard cider you will see sediment when it gets near to the bottom and as in beer and wine making, leave as much of that sediment as possible behind. Allow the cider to settle before racking and bottling in order for all of the sediment to be at the bottom, you will leave an inch or two of sediment behind.

Homemade cider is best served warm with wine mulling spices

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