Homemade cider is best served warm with wine mulling spices

Cider Making

Hard and Sweet Apple Cider Making Kits and Supplies.


Making Apple Cider at Home


The hard cider making process starts with pressing apples into sweet cider that can then be fermented by brewer’s yeast to create a hard cider with alcohol content of about 5% abv. The process is very much like that used to make beer. Your hard cider can be made sparkling or still, depending on your personal taste. How to Make Hard Cider A Small Equipment Investment Will Save Plenty of Time. Cider Making Questions

Cider Making Supplies

Welcome to Leeners Cider Making Shop! We carry complete kits, ingredients and equipment to make your own cider.Hard or sweet, it's another great activity to enjoy at home. Follow the links below for specific product categories. If you’re just starting out, visit our Learn section for tips and advice. Our Make section has great cider recipes! You are welcome to call or email with questions, we are happy to help!

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  • Starter Kits

    • Equipment Only Sets

      All the equipment needed for making apple cider.
      • YMK Equipment For 5 Gallons(Each)
      • Three Gallon Equipment Kit for Cider, Mead or Wine(Each)
      View all Equipment Only Sets
  • Ingredients

    • Fruit Wine Base

      Packed fruit and concentrates for making cider and wine. View all Fruit Wine Base
    • Sugars & Sweeteners

      Natural additives that give your cider more kick.
      • Priming Sugar (corn sugar)(5 oz)
      • Clover Honey(1 lb)
      View all Sugars & Sweeteners
    • Freeze Dried Yeast

      Standard wine and cider making yeast.
      • Safcider Dry Cider Yeast(5 gram)
      • Safale S-04 English Ale Brewer’s Yeast(11.5 grams)
      • Saflager S-23 Lager Brewer's Yeast(11.5 grams)
      • Lalvin EC 1118 Champagne Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Red Star Cote Des Blanc Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Red Star Pasteur Blanc Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      View all Freeze Dried Yeast
    • White Labs Yeast

      Specialty hard cider yeast cultures. View all White Labs Yeast
  • Chemicals

    • Additives

      Promote healthy and strong fermentation.
      • Grape Tannin Powder(1 oz)
      • Yeast Energizer(1 oz)
      • Yeast Nutrient(2 oz)
      View all Additives
    • Chemical Acids and Bases

      Sweet and tart flavors go hand in hand.
      • Ascorbic Acid(1 oz)
      • Acid Blend(2 oz)
      • Malic Acid(2 oz)
      • Citric Acid(2 oz)
      View all Chemical Acids and Bases
    • Cleansers, Sanitizers & Cleaning Tools

      Hard cider needs to be made in a sterile environment.
      • Beer Bottle Cleaning Brush(Each)
      • Cleaning Brush for One Gallon Jug(Each)
      • Bottle Draining Tree holds 45 Bottles(Each)
      • Deluxe Stainless Steel Bottle Washer(Each)
      • Pump Bottle Rinser(Each)
      • Double Blast Bottle Washer(Each)
      • Sink Facet to Female Garden Hose Adapter(Each)
      View all Cleansers, Sanitizers & Cleaning Tools
    • Fining Agents

      Serve crystal clear hard cider.
      • FermFast Dualfine Clearing Aide, 65 gram(Each)
      • Isinglass 45ml(Each)
      • Bentonite(8 oz)
      • Gelatin Finings(1 oz)
      View all Fining Agents
    • Wine Stabilizer Additives

      Protect your cider once it is bottled.
      • Potassium Metabisulphite(2 oz)
      • Campden Potassium Met Tablets(100 count)
      • Potassium Sorbate(1 oz)
      View all Wine Stabilizer Additives
    • Enzymes

      Additives that aid in producing a clear wine or cider.
      • Pectic Enzyme(1 oz)
      View all Enzymes
  • Equipment

    • FastFerment Starter Kit & Accessories

      Easy & Efficient The FastFerment System is a one-stage fermenter, which allows brewers & winemakers to do primary & secondary fermentation. View all FastFerment Starter Kit & Accessories
    • Stainless Steel Tanks

      The big equipment for processing your own grapes. View all Stainless Steel Tanks
    • Food Grade Fermentation Pails

      Easy to clean vessels for primary fermentation.
      • Fermenter Pail Lid Lifter (Each)
      • Pail & Lid 10 gallon(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 20 gallon(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 7.9 gallon(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 2 gallon(Each)
      • Replacement Lid For Ale Pail(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 6½ gallon(Each)
      • Replacement Lid for 7.9 Gallon Pail(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 4 gallon(Each)
      View all Food Grade Fermentation Pails
    • Carboys

      Glass and P.E.T. fermentation jugs.
      • Glass Carboy 6 gallon(Each)
      • Glass Carboy 3 gallon(Each)
      • Glass Carboy 5 gallon(Each)
      View all Carboys
    • Draining and Steeping Tools

      Apple pressing bags.
      • Coarse Cheese Cloth(2 yd)
      • Reusable Small Fine Draining Bag(Each)
      • Reusable Small Coarse Draining Bag(Each)
      • Jumbo Coarse Straining Bag(Each)
      View all Draining and Steeping Tools
    • Laboratory Stoppers and Airlocks

      Protect your cider from contamination during fermentation.
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 02)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 05-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 06)(Each)
      • Rubber Airlock Grommet ½”(Each)
      • Airlock Twin Bubble Style(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 07)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 05-1/2)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 07-1/2)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 10)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 10-1/2)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 11)(Each)
      • Airlock Econolock Style(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 06-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 08)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 08-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 09-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 10)(Each)
      • Better Bottle Airlock Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 11)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 12)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 06-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 11-1/2)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 10-1/2)(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Airlock Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Solid Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 13)(Each)
      • Solid Stopper (No. 02)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 07)(Each)
      • Drilled Stopper (No. 07-1/2)(Each)
      • Air Lock Cleaning Brush(Each)
      View all Laboratory Stoppers and Airlocks
    • Thermometers, Hydrometers, Testing Tools

      Monitor the progress and extent of fermentation.
      • Refractometer(Each)
      • Fermtech Wine Thief(Each)
      • Wine Thief(Each)
      • Triple Scale Hydrometer(Each)
      • Liquid Crystal Adhesives Strip Thermometer (Each)
      • 1” Dial Stainless Steel Thermometer with 6” Probe(Each)
      • 2” Dial Stainless Steel Thermometer with 12” Probe(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/12 inch glass(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/14 inch(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/10 inch(Each)
      • Alla Floating Thermometer(Each)
      View all Thermometers, Hydrometers, Testing Tools
    • Tools, Utensils & Accessories

      The gadgets that make work into fun.
      • Carboy Wedge(Each)
      • Plastic Spoon 18” Long(Each)
      • Funnel with 10” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Better Bottle Cleaning Brush(Each)
      • Orange Carboy Cap with 2 Capped Spouts(Each)
      • 8 pc Measuring Spoon Set(8 ct)
      • Funnel with 4½” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Funnel with 8” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Funnel Straining Screen Fits The 8 & 10” Funnels(Each)
      • Plastic Webbed Paddle 18” Long(Each)
      • Carboy V-Temp Strip(Each)
      • Carboy Cleaner(Each)
      • Burgundy Carboy Cap(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Cleaning Brush(Each)
      • Carboy Cover Shield(Each)
      • Carboy Dryer Stand(Each)
      • Brew Belt(Each)
      • Brew Hauler(Each)
      • Orange Carboy Neck Handle(Each)
      View all Tools, Utensils & Accessories
  • Bottling Supplies

    • Bottles and Storage

      Beer and wine bottles for use in bottling hard cider.
      • 12 oz. Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles(Case of 24)
      • 2 Liter Amber Growler with Metal Handle(Each)
      • 187ml Clear Bottles(Case of 24)
      • 22 oz. Amber Beer Bottles(Case of 12)
      • Half-gallon Clear Jug(Each)
      • One-gallon Clear Jug(Each)
      View all Bottles and Storage
    • Caps, Cappers & Fillers

      Use the correct seal when bottling cider.
      • Bottling Spigot Vintage Shop 5/16" & 3/8"(each)
      • Bottling Spigot Vintage Shop 1/2"(each)
      • Bottle Filler Fermtech Pro-Filler(each)
      • Oxygen Barrier Cider Crown Caps(144 Count)
      • Grolsch Style Gaskets for swing-Top beer bottles(100 count)
      • Oxygen Barrier Silver Crown Caps(144 count)
      • Bottle Capper Red Baron Hand(Each)
      • Bottle Capper Bench Top Style(Each)
      • Oxygen Barrier Gold Crown Caps(144 count)
      • Polyseal Screw Cap 38mm Fits Jugs(Each)
      View all Caps, Cappers & Fillers
  • Library & Gifts

    • Reference Books

      Apple processing tips and hard cider recipes.
      • Cider Sweet and Hard(Each)
      • Making The Best Apple Cider(Each)
      View all Reference Books


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Homemade cider is best served warm with wine mulling spices

Cider Making

Hard and Sweet Apple Cider Making Kits and Supplies
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Cider Making Recipes

Making hard cider is very much like making wine. When fresh pressed apple cider is fermented without the addition of any sugars it will produce a dry cider with about 4.5% - 5% abv. The key to success is using fresh pressed cider that has not been treated in any way. Recipes Three Gallon Hard Cider Recipe The process of making hard cider Five Gallon Hard Cider Recipe The cider making process