Better Bottle Hard Cider Equipment For 5 Gallons

5 Gal. BB Hard Cider Kit
Item 1389

Complete equipment package for making 5 gallons of your favorite hard cider from any concentrate or fresh fruit. Includes: primary fermenter with lid, 5 gallon Better Bottle, airlock and #10 stopper, hydrometer, siphon hose, bottling bucket with spigot, bottle filling wand, bottle cleaning brush, sanitizer, carbonation drops, bottle caps and capper. You also receive our Cider, Beer and Mead Additive Pack which contains all the additives listed in our recipe including the yeast.

1389Better Bottle Hard Cider Equipment For 5 Gallons$129.95Each

Product Specs

  • contains Better Bottle fermenter
Homemade cider is best served warm with wine mulling spices

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