12 oz. Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles

(12 oz) Amber Beer
Item 451

Our standard, 12 oz amber beer bottles are the brewer’s choice for bottling. Beer has long been bottled in amber or green bottles because the colors were easily produced; most brewers prefer amber bottles because they block the light rays that cause ‘skunkiness’. When exposed to light the alpha acids in hops break down and react with sulfur containing proteins to make a chemical that smells super similar to what a skunk sprays. Protect your brew from becoming ‘skunked’; a five gallon batch of homebrew will require 2 cases of bottles. Click here for Caps, Cappers and Fillers.

45112 oz. Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles$11.79Case of 24
442Bottle Capper Red Baron Hand$17.95Each
443Bottle Capper Bench Top Style$49.95Each
45322 oz. Amber Beer Bottles$11.99Case of 12
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