homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Distilling

Cordials are fermented spirits, distilled or not, flavored with fruits and spices.


Making Your Own Cordials and Liquors from Scratch

Different sized cordial bottles

The process of making any hard liquor starts by preparing a base of ethanol created through fermentation. Most any sugar can be fermented into a solution of water and alcohol. This liquor base can then be filtered and flavored to make a cordial drink of around 40% proof or 20% alcohol by volume without distilling. How to use Distiller's Yeast Liquor Quick Recipe Ideas Assemble The CarbonSnake™ and attach to bottling bucket

Home Distiling and Cordial Making Supplies

Welcome to Leeners Cordial Shop! It is not necessary to distill when making cordials, you can use inexpensive, store bought spirits like vodka and clear rum to make expensive beverages using the cordial flavor extracts. We carry only the finest supplies, to make your own cordials at home. Follow the links below for specific product categories. If you’re new to making cordials, visit our Learn section for tips and instructions. Our Make section has great recipes. As always, call or email us with questions, suggestions or just to say Hi!

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    • Briess Barley-USA & Canada

      Malted Barley
      • Briess Distiller's Malt(1 lb WHOLE)
      View all Briess Barley-USA & Canada
    • Liquor Quik Distilling Supplies

      The extracted flavors of all your favorite liquors.
      • Amaretto Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Apricot Brandy Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Cherry Brandy Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Coconut Rum Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Dark Jamaican Rum Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Hazelnut Liqueur Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Irish Cream Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Jagerbitter Schnapps Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Kentucky Bourbon Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Mexican Coffee Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Orange Brandy Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Peach Schnapps Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Scotch Honey Whiskey Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Southern Whiskey Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Swiss Chocolate Almond Flavor Essence(Each)
      • Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Flavor Essence(Each)
      View all Liquor Quik Distilling Supplies
    • Herbs & Spices

      These items are used to flavor cordials.
      • Bitter Orange Peel(1 oz)
      • Sweet Orange Peel(1 oz)
      • Vanilla Beans(2 count)
      View all Herbs & Spices
    • Freeze Dried Yeast

      Distiller's yeast and nutrients.
      • Accelevin K.C.2.(5 grams)
      • Fermfast 48 Hour Turbo Yeast(Each)
      • Lalvin 71B 1122 Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Lalvin EC 1118 Champagne Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Lalvin ICV D 47 Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Lalvin K1V 1116 Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Lalvin RC 212 Wine Yeast(5 grams)
      • Red Star DADY Yeast(1 lb)
      • WLP 065 American Whiskey Yeast(Each)
      • WLP078 Neutral Grain Yeast(Each)
      View all Freeze Dried Yeast
  • Chemicals

    • Additives

      Give your yeast the food it needs to create quality liquor.
      • Glycerine Formula(4 oz)
      • Super-Smoother(Each)
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    • Cleansers, Sanitizers & Cleaning Tools

      Prevent infections in your liquor base by keeping everything clean.
      • Cleaning Brush for One Gallon Jug(Each)
      • Easy Clean(8 oz)
      • Straight A Premium Cleanser(8 oz)
      View all Cleansers, Sanitizers & Cleaning Tools
    • Fining Agents

      Activated charcoal filtering greatly improves the moonshine.
      • Bentonite(8 oz)
      • Fermfast DualFine(Each)
      • Gelatin Finings(1 oz)
      • Isinglass 45ml(Each)
      • Sparkolliod Powder(1 oz)
      View all Fining Agents
    • Wine Stabilizer Additives

      Stabilizer additives for making wine and cordials
      • Potassium Sorbate(1 oz)
      View all Wine Stabilizer Additives
  • Equipment

    • Draining and Steeping Tools

      Separate the mash from the liquor before distilling.
      • Jumbo Coarse Straining Bag(Each)
      • Reusable Small Coarse Draining Bag(Each)
      • Reusable Small Fine Draining Bag(Each)
      View all Draining and Steeping Tools
    • Filters

      Polish the finished cordial for a great look.
      • Active Carbon Powder(85 grams)
      • Carbon Snake Filter(Each)
      • Liquid Activated Carbon(140 grams)
      • MiniJet Filter (motorized)(Each)
      • MiniJet Filter Pads No. 1(Set of 3)
      • MiniJet Filter Pads No. 2(Set of 3)
      • MiniJet Filter Pads No. 3(Set of 3)
      View all Filters
    • Food Grade Fermentation Pails

      Lids included
      • Pail & Lid 2 gallon(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 4 gallon(Each)
      • Pail & Lid 7.9 gallon(Each)
      • Replacement Lid for 7.9 Gallon Pail(Each)
      View all Food Grade Fermentation Pails
    • Laboratory Stoppers and Airlocks

      Keep unwanted bacteria out of your fermenters.
      • Air Lock Cleaning Brush(Each)
      • Airlock 3 Piece, Large Reservoir & Snap-On Cap(Each)
      • Airlock Twin Bubble Style(Each)
      • Better Bottle Airlock Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Airlock Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Solid Stopper (Universal)(Each)
      • Screw Cap Airlock Holder(Each)
      View all Laboratory Stoppers and Airlocks
    • Siphon & Racking Tools

      Gravity powered transfer equipment.
      • Auto Siphon for 5/16” I.D. Hose(Each)
      • Auto Siphon for 7/16” I.D. Hose(1/2 in)
      • Auto Siphon Holding Clamp for 5/16” I.D. Hose(Each)
      • Auto Siphon Holding Clamp for 7/16” I.D. Hose(Each)
      • Auto Siphon Replacement Tip for 5/16” Hose(Each)
      • Auto Siphon Replacement Tip for 7/16” Hose(Each)
      • Auto Siphon Replacement Tube(1/2 in)
      • Auto Siphon Replacement Tube(5/16 in)
      • Bucket Clip for 5/16” Racking Cane(Each)
      • One Gallon Jug Auto Siphon for 5/16” I.D. Hose(Each)
      • Racking Cane Replacement Tip For 5/16” Hose(Each)
      • Racking Cane Replacement Tip For 7/16” Hose(Each)
      • Racking Cane, 24” tall, fits 5/16” Hose(24 in)
      • Racking Cane, 30” tall, fits 5/16” Hose(30 in)
      • Racking Cane, 30” Tall, Fits 7/16” Hose(30 in)
      • Siphon Hose 3/8” I.D.(Per foot)
      • Siphon Hose 5/16” I.D.(Per foot)
      • Siphon Hose 7/16” I.D.(Per foot)
      • Siphon Hose Shut Off Clamp for 5/16” Hose(Each)
      • Siphon Hose Shut Off Clamp for 7/16” Hose(Each)
      View all Siphon & Racking Tools
    • Thermometers, Hydrometers, Testing Tools

      Measure the strength of your moonshine.
      • 2” Dial Stainless Steel Thermometer with 12” Probe(Each)
      • Acid Testing Kit(set)
      • Deluxe Checker 1 pH Testing Kit(Each)
      • Fermtech Testing Thief(Each)
      • Floating Thermometer(Each)
      • Glass Wine Thief(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/10 inch(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/12 inch glass(Each)
      • Hydrometer Test Jar/14 inch(Each)
      • Liquid Crystal Adhesives Strip Thermometer (Each)
      • pH 4.01 Buffer Solution(Each)
      • pH 7.01 Buffer Solution(Each)
      • pH Meter Storage Solution(250ml)
      • pH Strips Universal (100 ct)
      • Phenolphthalein Color Solution(1/2 oz)
      • Proof and Tralle Hydrometer(Each)
      • Replacement Syringe (20 cc)(Each)
      • Sodium Hydroxide(4 oz)
      • Triple Scale Hydrometer(Each)
      View all Thermometers, Hydrometers, Testing Tools
    • Tools, Utensils & Accessories

      Moonshining made easy.
      • Epic Wine Bottle Serving Filter(Each)
      • Funnel Straining Screen Fits The 8 & 10” Funnels(Each)
      • Funnel with 10” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Funnel with 4½” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Funnel with 8” Diameter Opening(Each)
      • Glass Carboy Cleaning Brush(Each)
      • Plastic Spoon 18” Long(Each)
      • Plastic Webbed Paddle 18” Long(Each)
      View all Tools, Utensils & Accessories
  • Bottling Supplies

    • Bottles and Storage

      Package your shine in resalable glass bottles.
      • 375ml Clear Bellissima Bottles(Case of 12)
      • 375ml Clear Bordeaux Bottles(Case of 24)
      • 375ml Green Bellissima Bottles(Case of 12)
      • 375ml Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles(24 ct case)
      • 375ml Screw-Top Clear Wine Bottles(Case of 12)
      • 375ml Stretch Blue Hock Bottles(case of 24)
      • 375ml Stretched Clear Wine Bottles (Renana)(Case of 24)
      • 750ml Green Bordeaux Wine Bottles(Case of 12)
      • 750ml Screw-Top Clear Bordeaux Bottles(Case of 12)
      • 750ml Screw-Top Green Bordeaux Bottles(Case of 12)
      • Half-gallon Clear Jug(Each)
      • One-gallon Clear Jug(Each)
      View all Bottles and Storage
    • Caps, Cappers & Fillers

      Seal the bottles to prevent evaporation.
      • Bottle Filler, Spring , 3/8"(Each)
      • Bottling Bucket with Spigot(Each)
      • Bottling Spigot(Each)
      • Polyseal Screw Cap 38mm Fits Jugs(72 count)
      • Polyseal Screw Cap 38mm Fits Jugs(Each)
      • Polyseal Screw Cap for Screw-Top Wine Bottles(12 count)
      View all Caps, Cappers & Fillers
    • Tapered and Taster Corks

      If you are using used wine bottles you need these.
      • Taster Corks (economy)(25 count)
      • Taster Corks (plastic)(25 count)
      View all Tapered and Taster Corks
  • Oaking

    • Oaking

      The amber color, aroma and flavor of vanilla is imparted by aging with oak.
      • American Light Toast Chips(1 lb)
      • American Light Toast Chips(4 oz)
      • French Medium Toast Chips(1 lb)
      • French Medium Toast Chips(4 oz)
      • Infusion Spiral American Oak Heavy Toast(1 lb)
      • Infusion Spiral American Oak Light Toast(1 lb)
      • Infusion Spiral American Oak Medium Toast(1 lb)
      • Infusion Spiral French Oak Light Toast(1 lb)
      • Infusion Spiral French Oak Medium Toast(1 lb)
      • Infusion Spiral French Oak Medium Toast(1 lb)
      View all Oaking


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Bottling Supplies


The little brown jug is an icon of the moonshine era

Home Distilling

Cordials are fermented spirits, distilled or not, flavored with fruits and spices.

Cordials and Liquors that DO NOT Require Distilling

Different sized cordial bottles  
You can convert inexpensive store bought liquor into expensive tasting cordials or make your own alcohol base using distillers yeast and everyday sugar. Cocktails made from spiced rum, fruit brandy and lemons are just a few of the adult treats available. Recipes Irish Cream Pudding A pudding dessert made with the extract essence of Irish Cream Liquor, alcohol free.