American Medium Toast

Oak Beans (American Medium Toast)
Item 3583

Add aromatic sweetness and a campfire roasted coffee attribute to your wine, as well as a softly cooked fruit rather than fresh or jammy character. This toasted wine oaking additive wil impart smooth mouthfeel and fullness once your wine is allowed to ferment on them for eight weeks or so. Oak cubes can be added to fermenting wine right from the start or added at racking time.

3583American Medium Toast$5.003 oz
3584American Medium Toast$26.851 lb

Product Specs

  • Use 3 oz. per 6 gallon carboy. Minimum contact time is 8 weeks
The little brown jug is an icon of the moonshine era

Home Distilling

Cordials are fermented spirits, distilled or not, flavored with fruits and spices.