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Barley is the principle source of fermentable sugar in making beer. Other sugars derived from corn, rice and wheat are used but they are considered to be adjuncts or additives to the barley base. The barley plants most used in beer making are two-row and six-row varieties. These terms refer to the number of individual grains on each barley stalk. Barley must be malted before used in brewing; malting is the process of allowing the grain to sprout, then stopping the growth process when the grain is at peak level of starch content. This allows the starch to sugar converting enzyme, diastase to exist. It is this sugar the yeast metabolizes into alcohol during fermentation. Some malted barley is roasted; these grains no longer contain the active enzymes needed to turn starch into sugar but they can impart very favorable flavor characteristics to the finished beer. Visit Blogging with Briess for more information about grains.

The little brown jug is an icon of the moonshine era

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Cordials are fermented spirits, distilled or not, flavored with fruits and spices.