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In This Issue:
A Presidential Brew
Adding Pumpkin to Pumpkin Porter
September Specials
New Dairy Cultures
New Products for Homebrewers
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Presidential Brew

Homebrewing has been a tradition with American presidents ever since Washington.  This year the President of the United States issued an executive order to the staff in the kitchen to brew a new Whitehouse beer.  We have posted two of these recipes to the recipe library on our web site and put these recipes into kits of ingredients for easy brewing.

There's no pumpkin in my Pumpkin Porter


Many customers have fallen in love with this seasonal recipe from Brewer's Best but they are saying "There's no pumpkin in it" thus, the name Pumpkin SPICE Porter.  You can remedy this very easily by adding a 1 to 1˝ can of un seasoned canned pumpkin to the boil for the last 10 minutes or for even more pumpkin flavor; start with fresh pie pumpkins and clean them, remove the seeds and veins, roast pumpkin halves in the oven at 350 until the meat is reduced to pulp. Once cooled, scrape the meat from the shells and use it instead of canned pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice Porter is 10% off this month $39.65; regular price is $43.95

September Specials


Brewer's Best® Holiday Ale returns! Reg. $52.95 pre season sale $47.95

This is a full-bodied amber ale with rich, maltyness that is seasoned with orange peel, cinnamon and other traditional holiday spices, creating a complex winter brew balanced with high alpha-acid hops. Holiday ale is a recipe that benefits from extended aging once bottled.


New! Waterproof Pocket Digital Thermometer with stainless steel Probe $21.35 SALE: 19.22

Temperature Range: -58 + 392 degrees F

Resolution: 0.1¬° Accuracy: +/- 2°F Max/Min Function and Stainless steel probe.

What's New at Leeners 
Hello Crystal  
Drying Homegrown Herbs 

As the harvest and heavy brewing season gets under way we have an extended newsletter for this month. Gardeners, cheese makers and homebrewers will find something of interest in this issue.


In the spring I planted Greek oregano, rosemary and basil, and despite the drought, I have been cooking with fresh herbs all summer.  Never have I grown basil like this; the plant is as large as a shrub.  If you have a crop of fresh herbs that you can't seem to use, here's a tip on how to save them for winter: wash and dry then place them flat on a paper towel, cover with a second paper towel and microwave for two minutes on high.  You now have fresh dried herbs that can be stored in a closed jar in the cupboard.


New dairy cultures coming soon!  Soon you can make your own dairy free, VEGAN yogurt!  Also coming soon is a fast response, freeze-dried culture for making feta cheese.  Look for these products on our starter culture page later this month.


NEW! Vegetable based Yogurt Culture:  The bulk size of this dairy-Free Yogurt Culture will convert up to 50 gallons of soy or rice milk.  A blend of lactic acid bacteria is used to produce mild, dairy-free yogurt with a smooth texture from soy or rice milk.


NEW! Feta Mesophilic Starter Culture: This is a specially formulated freeze-dried culture blend for making Feta cheese. The response time is medium fast to fast acidification with no gas production. It produces a higher proteolytic activity which improves taste and provides a creamy texture.  Feta culture works well with all milk types.

 New Products for Brewers 


Brewer's Best PSA IPA $34.95 is a limited release India Pale Ale ingredient kit that supports Pints for Prostates, a grassroots campaign and 501(c)(3) organization. This year's recipe uses Palisade, Summit and Ahtanum hops to create a flavorful, commemorative ale. 


Brewer's Best Belgian IPA reg. $43.95 introductory sale price $40.95  The heavy hops schedule and Belgian Candi creates the flavor profile of this modern style ale. Belgian IPA has that trademark spiciness found in Belgian Style Ales along with the piney, herbal and slight citrus flavors of an American IPA, resulting in a complex flavor combination with depth and character in this unique style of ale.


The 2012 Southern Hemisphere hop harvest is in...

  • Australian Galaxy 1 oz. $2.90 These hops provide clean citrus and passion fruit flavors to Pale Ale, IPA and Double IPA.  Limited availability, place your orders now!
  • Australian Helga Hops 1 oz. $3.30  Helga hops have a mild and pleasant hop aroma, good for ales and lagers.  
  • Australian Pride of Ringwood 1 oz. $2.90 1 lb. $32.95  This popular down-under hop is best described as hoppy and floral.  It can be used in a large number of beer styles.
  •  Australian Stella 1 oz. $3.05 1 lb. $34.50  This hop has excellent bittering power and can be used with good results in any beer recipe when high bitterness is desired.
  • Australian Super Pride 1 oz. $2.90 1 lb. $32.95 You will get a great IPA with this Very high alpha acid hop. 
  • Australian Topaz 1 oz. $2.75 1 lb. $29.95  A pleasant mild herbal hop aroma with spicy resinous notes when used in ales and lagers, good for all beer styles.  
  • Australian Sylva 1 oz. $2.40 1 lb. $39.95 (COMING SOON)  Dual purpose hop (bittering and aroma), good for all beer styles.  
  • New Zealand Green Bullet 1 oz. $3.15 1 lb. $35.95 (COMING SOON) Flavor Profile: Distinct floral, slight citrus/lime Good for Lager, Pilsner, Bitter, Ales and Bock  
  •  New Zealand Hallertau 1 oz. $2.45 1 lb. $25.955 each (COMING SOON) Flavor Profile: Lemon, lime, tropical fruit Use in Belgian and English Ale, Pilsner. 
  • New Zealand Motueka 1 oz. $2.85 1 lb. $29.00 (COMING SOON) A hop with clean floral aroma and, slight citrus flavor  Great in Pacific Rim lagers, Porters, Bock, Pale Ales, and Stouts.
  • New Zealand Pacific Hallertau 1 oz. $2.65 1 lb. $27.45  A hop with distinctive white wine fruitiness used in Pale Ale and Lager.
  • New Zealand Pacific Jade 1 oz. $1.90 Bold and herbal with fresh citrus and black pepper notes; use in ales and lagers.  
  • New Zealand Nelson Sauvin 1 oz. $3.35 1 lb. $36.95  This hop has bold, herbal, fresh citrus, and black pepper notes.  Works well in both Ales and Lagers.

Hop Refresher

The Hopunion's hop packaging, included in the Brewer's Best® beer recipe kits, provide an aroma profile description that some are confusing with the "aroma hops" given in their recipe and may think they received the wrong hops. 


These hops are premium grade and packaged in nitrogen-purged packets labeled with the aroma characteristic of each hop variety.  This is not to be confused with the hopping schedule for adding bittering, flavoring, aroma or dry hops to the wort.  The labeling is NOT in reference to when or how the hops are to be used in the brewing schedule.  


The hopping schedule in a recipe gives the time you add the hops to the boil.  Bittering hops always go in at the beginning of the boil, because the longer you boil a hop the more IBUs or bittering quality is extracted.  When you use a hop for flavoring you should add them when there is 30 to 10 minutes remaining in the boil, less time in the boil will retain more flavoring characteristics.  Lastly, aroma hops are generally added during the last 5 to 10 minutes of boiling time so that you only extract the aroma of the hop.

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