Hard Lemonade

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Leeners recipe for hard lemonade. You can use either frozen concentrate or fresh juice. This recipe is for 5 gallons, visit our blog at blog.leeners.com for 1 and 3 gallon versions.



1. Bring water to boil Add DME and Dextrose and stir to dissolve. Return to a boil and add hops, boil for 15 minutes, cool to 100° F

2. Place the mixture in the fermenter and bring up to appropriate volume with cool water

3. Pitch yeast at 70 - 75° F and ferment in primary for one week

4. Thaw lemonade concentrate and place into sanitized secondary fermenter then rack contents of primary into it. Ferment for another one to two weeks or until gravity has stabilized.

5. To taste for lemon flavor, draw off a sample when it is time to bottle. If lacking in lemon flavor, add fresh lemon juice where indicated in the priming sugar step in order to sanitize it.

6. Prepare priming sugar by adding it to boiling water. Add fresh lemon juice and boil for 10 minutes.

7. Remove from heat, add the Splenda and stir until dissolved. Add to bottling pail and bottle as usual.

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