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Leeners is celebrating the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II with a new beer recipe, Queen Elizabeth Amber Ale. Brew this beer on her actual 86th birthday on April 26th and it will be ready to drink while you watch her official party in June.



Pour 2.5 gallons of clean water into your brew pot and begin to heat. Pour crushed grains into grain bag and tie a loose knot at the top of the bag.

Place grains into the water when the temperature is between 150º - 165ºF and steep for approximately 20 minutes. Remove grain bag and without squeezing, allow liquid to drain back into brew pot.

Bring grain water to a gentle, rolling boil. Add all of the extract and honey to the boiling wort. Continuously stir the extract into the wort (term used for unfermented beer) as it returns to a gentle, rolling boil.

Slowly sprinkle the Kent Golding hops into the boiling wort. Be careful not to let the wort boil over the pot. Continue the gentle, rolling boil for 60 minutes.

Add the Fuggle hops for last 10 minutes of boil.

Place the brew pot into a bath of cold water, stir the wort till you have a whirlpool effect (this will help with compressing the sediment to the pot of the kettle when you are getting ready to transfer to your fermenter) put lid on and cool down till it is 80-90 degrees.

Pour wort into a sanitized fermenter. Try to hold the sediment back from the fermenter.

Add enough clean water to the fermenter to bring your wort to approximately 5 gallons. Thoroughly stir the water into the wort.

Sprinkle the contents of the yeast sachet over top of the entire wort surface and firmly secure the lid onto the fermenter. Fill your airlock halfway with water and gently twist the airlock into the grommeted lid. Move fermenter to a dark, warm area that is approx. 64º - 72ºF.

Allow to ferment for at least 4-6 days. The wort will begin to ferment within 24 hours and you will notice CO2 bubbling out of the airlock. Within 4 - 6 days the bubbling will begin to slow down until you see no more CO2 being released.

When fermentation is complete, rack into a sanitized 5 gallon carboy for a second fermentation; leave for another 4-6 days.

Mix the priming honey with one cup of your beer until honey is dissolved. Add honey mixture to a sanitized bottling bucket then siphon your beer into the bottling bucket, as it transfers it will mix the honey through the beer. Bottle in sanitized beer bottles, cap and carbonate for 2 weeks.

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