All Grain Scotch Ale

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This all grain recipe for a mildly strong Scotch Ale is inspired by the now defunct Liberty Brewing Company in Akron Ohio.



Mash at 158 degrees for one hour or until the starch is completely converted to sugar. Increase the mash temperature to 160 degrees and hold for twenty minutes. Remove one quart of the mash and slowly bring it to a simmer then stir it back into the full mash and increase the mash temperature to 170 degrees. Sparge with boiling water, stirring until the run off drains clear. Collect about six gallons of extract.

Boil for sixty minutes with one ounce of Fuggle hops

Thirty minutes into the boil, add ½ oz. of Fuggle hops. Fifteen minutes later, add ¼ oz. of Fuggle hops and with two minutes left, add a final ¼ oz. of Fuggle hops.

Chill the wort to pitching temperature and ferment with White Labs Scotch Ale Yeast for seven days.

Rack the beer to a carboy and allow to rest and clear for two weeks before bottling.

At bottling time, prime with priming sugar boiled in two cups of the fermented beer.

Condition the bottles for three weeks before sampling. I recommend aging for at least three weeks even when kegging instead of bottling.

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