White House Honey Porter

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A White House beer using honey harvested from the 1st Bees, the 1st Cook developed this recipe.



In a 6 quart stock pot (minimum), add grains to 2.25 quarts of 168˚ water. Mix well to bring temp down to 155˚. Steep the mixture on the stovetop at 155˚ for 45 minutes. Meanwhile, in another pot, bring 2 gallons of water to 165˚ in a 12 quart pot. Place a strainer over the hot water and pour all the steeped grains and liquid into the brew kettle. Rinse the grains with 2 gallons of 165˚ water. Let all the liquid drain through. Discard the grains and bring the brewing water to a boil.

homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an American Tradition.