American Pale Wheat Beer Ingredient Kit

American Pale Wheat
Item 3850

This easy drinking ale blends the styles of pale ale and wheat beer. The malt bill is based on wheat extract and flaked red wheat and will provide a light copper color and ample head retention. American Pale Wheats are hoppier than traditional wheat beers; American Cluster and Liberty hops lend a moderate hoppiness. BRY-97 yeast ferments a clean, ale flavor profile without the banana and clove phenols that its German counterpart has. This beer is very drinkable and is most enjoyable fresh, just after bottle conditioning. This beer style is often served with a lemon wedge (an American thing) to cut the wheat/yeast edge; some find the lemon adds a flavor snap. Recommended serving glass is a pint glass, this beer pairs best with Latin American and German foods, earthy cheeses and poultry. Kit instructions…

3850American Pale Wheat Beer Ingredient Kit$34.99Each
44Advanced Home Brewery Equipment Set$99.99Each
45112 oz. Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles$11.79Case of 24

Brews 5 gallons

Product Specs

  • Brews 5 gallons
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

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