Aromatic Malt (Belgian)

Aromatic Malt (Belgian)
Item 213

Aromatic is a high temperature kilned malt with very smooth, intense maltiness and deep golden orange hues. Typical beer styles are Oktoberest/Marzen, Bock-style, Belgian-style or any beer needing more malty flavor and aroma. Product information…

213Aromatic Malt (Belgian)$3.651 lb WHOLE
3656Aromatic Malt (Belgian)$3.301 lb CRUSHED

Price is per pound available in whole pounds only

Store in a temperate, low humidity, pest free environment at temperatures of <90 ºF. Improperly stored malts are prone to loss of freshness and flavor. Whole kernel diastatic and preground malts are best when used within 6 months from date of manufacture. Whole kernel roasted malts may begin experiencing a slight flavor loss after 18 months.

Product Specs

  • 20L
  • Flavor:Smooth, Intensely Malty
  • Product of Belgium
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

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