Auto Siphon for 5/16” I.D. Hose

Auto Siphon  (5/16 I.D.)
Item 2397

Our auto-siphon has a single stroke action that draws a siphon without disturbing sediment. It is available in 3/8 inch Regular and 1/2 inch Large size for 5 gallon containers. The 3/8 Mini size is perfect for 1 gallon jugs. Siphons are designed for a smooth, leak-free operation that does not restrict flow. The solid glue-bonded construction leads to simple sanitation and use. And it works in carboys, pails, and requires only a few inches of liquid.

2397Auto Siphon for 5/16” I.D. Hose$11.95Each

Product Specs

  • Fits 5 and 6 gallon carboys and Better Bottles
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