Basic Brewery & Red Ale Ingredients

Home Brewery, Basic with Red Ale
Item 3771

This is the fundamental brewing equipment set for single stage fermentation and the Red Ale. This ruby colored ale is smooth and easy drinking with a nice balance of caramel malts and specialty grains. Low bitterness. Equipment includes: 6.5 Gallon "Ale Pail" Primary Fermenter with Grommeted Lid, 6.5 Gallon "Ale Pail" Bottling Bucket with Spigot, Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Siphon and Bottling Set-up, "Home Beermaking" Book, Hydrometer, Liquid Crystal Thermometer, Bottle Brush, Bottle Capper, Airlock, Bucket Clip and Equipment Instructions

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homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an American Tradition.