Carapils (Cara8) (Belgian)

Carapils Malt (Belgian)
Item 207

Cara 8 is very light crystal malt made by drying barley malt at low temperatures. The result is malt that lends body, smoother mouthfeel and foam stability. Due to the lack of enzymes, this malt must be mashed with other kilned malts. See Malt and Malted Grains for Homebrewing in our Learn section for general information about malted barley grains.

207Carapils (Cara8) (Belgian)$2.751 lb WHOLE
3632Carapils (Cara8) (Belgian)$2.701 lb CRUSHED

price is per pound available in whole pounds only

Product Specs

  • 7.9 L
  • Flavor: Candylike Sweetness, Mild Caramel
  • Product of Belgium
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

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