Chocolate Malt (Belgian)

Chocolate Malt (Belgian)
Item 217

Use this malt in all beer styles for color adjustment. Recommended usage is 1-10% for desired color in Porter and Stout. The rich roasted coffee, cocoa flavor is very complementary when used in higher percentages in porters, stouts, brown ales, and other dark beers. See Malt and Malted Grains for Homebrewing in our Learn section for general information about malted barley grains.

217Chocolate Malt (Belgian)$3.751 lb WHOLE
3660Chocolate Malt (Belgian)$3.451 lb CRUSHED

price is per pound available in whole pounds only

Product Specs

  • 350L
  • Flavor:Rich, Roasted, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Product of Belgium
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

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