Draft Beer & Homebrew Kegging

Many homebrewers have stopped bottling their beer and are using five gallon soda kegs to force carbonate and serve draft beer. Drawing a glass of fresh ale or well-aged lager from the keg has an appeal that somehow goes beyond mere words. After you've seen for yourself how much fun (and how cool) draft-at-home can be, you'll probably be on your way to the store to get set up. Kegging is all about convenience and control. Convenience, because you can forget about cleaning and sanitizing bottles, storing empties and waiting weeks for beer to condition in the bottle. Control, because you'll be able to easily adjust carbonation levels to your liking for a given style or batch. A home draft system also opens the door to other possibilities, like closed beer transfer and filtering for crystal clear beer.

    homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

    Home Beer Brewing

    Brewing beer is an American Tradition.