Oxygen Barrier American Flag Crown Caps

American Flag Crown Caps
Item 3883

Decorative and Patriotic crown caps to top off your home brewed beer. Caps fit standard 12 or 22 oz beer bottles, oxy-lined. What a great way to top your summer ale for our Patriotic summer holidays!

3883Oxygen Barrier American Flag Crown Caps$3.95144 count
45112 oz. Amber Long Neck Beer Bottles$11.79Case of 24
45322 oz. Amber Beer Bottles$11.99Case of 12
442Bottle Capper Red Baron Hand$17.95Each
443Bottle Capper Bench Top Style$49.95Each
2953Wallmount Homebrew Opener$8.95Each
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an American Tradition.