Homebrew Kegging System w/Pin Lock

Homebrew Ball Lock Keg System
Item 460

This keg system is the fastest way to package your homebrew. Forced carbonation makes soda making a snap too. Included in the kit is a 5 gallon used soda keg, single gauge regulator, connectors with male thread for easy cleaning, hoses with female thread adapters and plastic squeeze faucet. Its ready to use! The regulator only has one gauge because the second gauge is used to indicate how much pressure is remaining in the supply cylinder. This is only true when the regulator is attached to tanks of 100 pound capacity. Most homebrewers use smaller 5 to 20 pound gas cylinders therefore the gauge only indicates that the tank is full or empty. You can tell the tank is empty without it so why incur the additional expense.

460Homebrew Kegging System w/Pin Lock$120.95Each

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