LME Munich Malt Extract

Munich Malt Extract
Item 3038

Specialty extract made by using traditional multiple step mashing process to achieve higher levels of fermentability. It is made from 50% Munich malt and 50% base malt to produce a very rich, malty, amber extract. Appropriate by itself for styles such as Oktoberfest or dopplebock, it can also be used with a blend of extracts or grains to add rich malty character and redish hues to any beer style.

3038LME Munich Malt Extract$11.953.3 lb
3037LME Munich Malt Extract growler$66.9533 lb

Ingredients:Munich and Base Malt | Flavor:Rich malty, bready | Color:52 | Fermentability:80%

Product Specs

  • 8L
  • Flavor: Rich, Malty,Biscuity
  • Product of USA
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