Pale Ale Malt (British)

barley in glass
Item 3661

British Pale Ale Malt is a well-modified pale colored malt with good levels of diastatic activity, it’s used as the raw material in many beer styles. It provides fermentable sugars, light malt color, flavor and aroma; perfect for single infusion mashing. More information about malted barley…

3661Pale Ale Malt (British)$1.351 lb WHOLE
2737Pale Ale Malt (British)$1.751 lb CRUSHED
2737Pale Ale Malt (British)$1.751 lb CRUSHED
219Pale Ale Malt (British)$68.0055 lb WHOLE
218Pale Ale Malt (British)$62.0055 lb CRUSHED
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