Red Wheat Malt

Red Wheat Malt
Item 184

Red wheat can be used as part or all of base malt in wheat beers such as Weizenbier and Weiss Bier. It has a slightly higher protein than White Wheat Malt and is often used in Hefeweizen and other traditional wheat styles due to a distinctive, characteristic wheat flour flavor. It also improves head and foam retention in any beer style. Product information… Store in a temperate, low humidity, pest free environment at temperatures of <90 ºF. Improperly stored malts are prone to loss of freshness and flavor. Whole kernel diastatic and preground malts are best when used within 6 months from date of manufacture. Whole kernel roasted malts may begin experiencing a slight flavor loss after 18 months.

184Red Wheat Malt$2.951 lb WHOLE
3623Red Wheat Malt$2.651 lb CRUSHED
185Red Wheat Malt$54.0050 lb WHOLE
3224Red Wheat (American)$60.0050 lb CRUSHED

Product Specs

  • 2.3L
  • Flavor:Creamy, Sweet, Malty
  • Product of USA
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

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