Vanguard Hop Pellets

Vanguard Hop Pellets
Item 320

The Vanguard variety is used for its aromatic properties and low hop co-humulone. It’s similar to Hallertau Mittelfruh and is used in Lagers, Pilsners, Bocks, Kolsch, Wheats, Munich Helles and Belgian-style Ales. Possible substitutions include Hallertau, German Hersbrucker, Mt. Hood and Liberty. Alpha: 5.0-6.0%; Beta: 5.0-7.0%

320Vanguard Hop Pellets$2.601 oz

Product Specs

  • Alpha 5 - 6%
  • Usage - Aroma
homebrewed beer with malted grains and hop flowers

Home Beer Brewing

Brewing beer is an American Tradition.