YMK Irish Dry Stout Recipe for 5 gallons

YMK Irish Dry Stout
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Stout was originally a strong porter called ‘stout-porter’. It’s very dark, roasty, bitter, complex and creamy ale, getting much of its character from roasted barley. This is the draught version of what is otherwise known as Irish stout or Irish dry stout. Bottled versions are typically brewed from a significantly higher OG and may be designated as foreign extra stouts (if sufficiently strong). While most commercial versions rely primarily on roasted barley as the dark grain, others use chocolate malt, black malt or combinations of the three. The level of bitterness is somewhat variable, as is the roasted character and the dryness of the finish; allow for interpretation by brewers.

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Our YMK kit contains Munton’s Stout Extract, Briess dark dry malt extract, British black malt, Millennium hop pellets, priming sugar, hop bag and green crown caps. Check out our equipment kits here

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