Cyser Apple Mead

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Cyser is a combination of honey and apple cider. This is the strong drink of Biblical times. Both the honey and the cider will ferment to a clean dry wine which makes a great sparkling wine when primed with sugar or honey when bottled. Cyser Recipe 96 oz. Vintner's Harvest Apple Wine Base with water to make 3 gallons or 3 gallons of fresh pressed apple cider.


NOTE: When using Apple Wine Base first mix the concentrate with enough water to make 3 gallons in the sanitized primary fermenter.

Combine one gallon of fresh apple cider or one gallon of reconstituted juice with the honey and heat to 180°F. Hold for 10 minutes.

Cool to 85°F. The remaining two gallons should be left in the sanitized primary fermenter.

Crush Campden tablets, dissolve in ½ cup cool water and add to primary fermenter. Add the apple/honey mixture, acid blend, pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient. Stir thoroughly, cover with pail lid and let the juice rest for 24 hours.

Pitch the yeast, place the lid securely on the pail and attach the air lock. Allow it to ferment at room temperature for 14 days or until the activity in the air lock slows to less than 1 bubble per minute, whichever is longer.

Continue with racking procedures as described under how to make mead. Cyser can be made sparkling at bottling time by adding 1 carbonation drop per 12 oz. beer bottle.

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Honey, Water and Yeast Make the Ancient Drink Called Mead