Cleansers, Sanitizers & Cleaning Tools

The cleaners, sanitizers and preservatives used in mead making are not the same thing. Cleaners may leave your equipment bright and clean but not sanitary enough for fermented beverage production. Some sanitizers also work as preservatives; but not all preservatives will sanitize. There is also a difference between sanitizing and sterilizing. What most home brewers aim for is sanitation; keeping the population of spoilage organisms as low as possible. Sterilization, the process of removing all living microorganisms in something in order to make it incapable of causing infection, is very hard to achieve. A good rule of thumb is this, if you can keep your equipment looking, smelling, and feeling clean at all times you'll have fewer problems keeping everything sanitized. Mead makers must clean all equipment every time it is used to prevent infection of the must.

homemade mead with mulling spices

Mead Making

Honey, Water and Yeast Make the Ancient Drink Called Mead