ON SALE! Wine & Mead Equipment (3 gallons)

Meadery Equipment with Honey ( 3 gallons)
Item 1362

On Sale! Reg. price is $99.95! Provides all the equipment and ingredients needed to produce three gallons of fruit wine from concentrate or fresh juice, or three gallons of any style mead. We combine all the equipment and honey in this kit. PACKAGE INCLUDES: chemicals & yeast, 25 taster corks, easy clean, air lock & stopper, primary fermenter, better bottle carboy, siphon setup, bottle filler, hydrometer, thermometer and six pounds of fresh from the hive clover honey.

1362ON SALE! Wine & Mead Equipment (3 gallons)$92.00Combination
homemade mead with mulling spices

Mead Making

Honey, Water and Yeast Make the Ancient Drink Called Mead