750ml Clear Bordeaux Wine Bottles

(750ml) Cork Finish Bordeaux Clear
Item 1017

These clear Bordeaux wine bottles are of excellent quality and accommodate #8 or #9 straight cork. Great for any type of wine! They are straight-sided and high-shouldered with slight punt. ‘Punt’ refers to the dimple in the bottom of the bottle. Traditionally clear Bordeaux bottles are used for sweet white wines or wines with a short storage time. Finish your bottles with corks and decorative shrink caps.

1017750ml Clear Bordeaux Wine Bottles$12.00Case of 12
1003#8 x 1¾” 1st Quality Wine Bottle Corks$4.9530 count
978Double Lever Wine Bottle Corker$17.45Each
972Portuguese Wine Bottle Floor Corker$64.95Each
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