Lalvin 71B 1122 Wine Yeast

Lalvin 71B 1122
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Isolated and selected by the National Agricultural Research Institute in Narbonne, France. 71B is particularly known for its use in fermenting fruity blush and semi-sweet whites. Long-lived aromas are due to its production of esters and higher alcohols. 71B also softens high acid musts by partially metabolizingmalic acid. 71B is used primarily by professional winemakers for young wines such as vin nouveau and has been found to be very suitable for blush and residual sugar whites. For grapes in regions naturally high in acid, the partial metabolism of malic acid helps soften the wine. 71B also has the ability to produce significant esters and higher alcohols, making it an excellent choice for fermenting concentrates. Also suitable for use in vodka, gin and neutral spirits.

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Product Specs

  • 5 grams for 5 to 6 gallons of wine
homemade mead with mulling spices

Mead Making

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