Homemade Sausage Making Secrets


The meat you select will determine the quality and flavor of your sausage. It is a myth that good sausage is made from the parts of animals you would rather not know about. While this is true of some cheap sausages, there is no reason to eat cheap.

In the long run, the cost will be about the same once you consider the health benefits, nutritional value and flavor satisfaction of good quality homemade sausage. As the sausage maker you control the fat content of your sausage but, there are some tried and true guidelines you need to know about. For any sausage to have flavor, it must contain a small percentage of fat. A well flavored sausage can be made with as little as 12% fat. Using less than this amount may result in a dry character which is like eating flavored saw dust. Good sausage can contain up to 20% fat. Using more than 20% may result in a sticky, flavorless sausage which can be difficult to cook.

It can be difficult to determine the fat content of meats in the supermarket case. The best way we have found to assure that your sausage will have the correct balance of lean and fat is to select whole cuts of meat rather than pre packaged ground meat. When selecting beef you should use chuck roast. When pork is called for use pork shoulder; these cuts of meat contain a nice balance of lean and fat for making any sausage style.