Growing Mushrooms

mushrooms close up

When you receive your kit, follow the instructions for initial watering and cover the kit with the humidity tent. The Mushroom Farm should be kept at room temperature.

Place your mushroom farm in an area where it can remain undisturbed until harvest time. This could be your kitchen counter, a small corner of an apartment or even a basement. It's a popular misconception that mushrooms require total darkness to grow. Some mushrooms will fruit and grow best in a darker area, while others prefer full or indirect lighting. Refer to your instructions for the best places to grow the Shiitake mushroom.

Check your mushrooms every day. You should see the first mushrooms appearing in about a week, but some varieties can take up to a month.

Watch your moisture levels. Not all mushroom farms have the same moisture requirements. Most kits require daily misting, while some others can be drier. Do not over-water, too much moisture can reduce the quantity of mushrooms produced or it may stop completely.

When your mushrooms have reached the desired size, it’s time for harvest. Harvest the mushrooms using a clean, sharp knife to cut the stems flush with the block.

Continue to care for the Mushroom Farm as directed. Most kits will provide three or more additional flushes of mushrooms after the initial harvest. Most of all have fun and enjoy what we like to call “nature’s most perfect food”

When you are sure that your Farm is completely spent, you can plant it into your garden. Since all Mushroom Farms are sterile organic material they also make perfect additions to your compost pile.