Classic Mustard Recipes

Ingredients for homemade mustard recipes can be fresh or dried.

Prepared mustard has been a classic seasoning for centuries.


Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Homemade recipe for a honey mustard sauce for diping big soft pretzwls.
American Yellow Mustard
Recipe for the American salad mustard. Bright yellow and tangy.
Bavarian Whole Seed Mustard
Whole mustard seeds are combined with ground mustard and spices to make a Germen style whole grain mustard in this mustard recipe.
Dijon Mustard
This mustard recipe gives you the tangy yet smooth character of french style mustard sauces.
Hot English Mustard
Mustard in England means spicy. This recipe for English style prepared mustard is perfect with everything from pub snacks to grilled fish.
Spicy Brown Mustard
Jim’s really good recipe for spicy brown mustard like the mustard recipes sold at ball parks.
homemade mustard in a crock


Mustard Seed Has Been Used as a Spice Longer than Salt.