3½ oz. Clear Plastic Spice Bottle

(3.5 oz) Spice Bottle
Item 2081

3.5 oz. clear plastic bottles with sifter/shaker top and white plastic screw on caps. They are perfect for storing and using your homemade rubs and spice blends. 12 sets per bag include jars, white caps and sifter fitments. Dimensions (inches): Width: 1.8, Height: 3.5, Circumference: 5.6; Label Panel (inches): Usable Height: 2.4, Usable Width: 5.0

20813½ oz. Clear Plastic Spice Bottle$8.95Case of 12
Most hot sauce recipes call for fresh and dried ingredients.

Hot Sauce

Hot Pepper Sauces are Considered Marinades or Finishing Sauces Depending on How They are Used.