Triple Scale Hydrometer

Triple Scale Hydrometer
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The hydrometer is an essential piece of test equipment used in making wine and beer. It is made of blown glass with a weighted, bulbous bottom and a long narrow stem. The hydrometer is designed to float in liquid with the bulbous end down. A reading is taken matching a scale (contained in the stem) with the surface of the liquid being measured. A triple scale or dual purpose hydrometer refers to one with the three different measuring scales within the hydrometers stem. Two of the scales are called specific gravity and balling (brix) scale. Both represent a measurement of liquid density relative to water. The third scale measures potential alcohol. Ordinary water at 60 degrees F has a specific gravity of 1.000. Taking a hydrometer reading before yeast is added to the must (juice prepared for fermentation into wine) or wort (unfermented beer) will tell you what the original gravity is and what the maximum potential alcohol could be. Once yeast is added and fermentation is underway periodic readings will track the extent of fermentation. Eventually your reading will remain constant over a two day period indicating that the sugar fermentation is complete. This will take days for beer and weeks for wine. Note that the end of sugar fermentation is not an indication that the wine is ready.

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Used for both beer and wine. US made triple scale reads specific gravity, potential alcohol and balling. It is stored in a clear plastic tube with instructions.

Product Specs

  • scale 0.80-1.150; potential ABV scale 0-16%; sugar per liter scale 0-34.
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