YMK Sake Kit

YMK Sake Kit
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Sake has been a staple of Japanese life for over 6000 years. Now you can brew this potent drink using the ancient Koji-kin method. Learn to make malt-rice using the seeds of Koji-Kin to convert rice starch into fermentable sugar. This kit contains enough Koji-kin seeds to make repeated batches of malt-rice and ingredients for one half-gallon batch of Sake. You will also receive rice for making one, one-half gallon batch of sake. Kit includes: Koji-Kin seeds, sake rice, wine yeast, lactic acid (88% solution), yeast energizer and recipes.

1393YMK Sake Kit$29.95Each
Sake rice wine is served with sushi, like food and wine.


Brew This Ancient Japanese Rice Wine With Our Koji Kin Making Supplies.