How to Bottle Root Beer

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If you are using the recommend plastic soda bottles with screw caps please note that they must be cleaned and sanitized prior to each use. A good rule of thumb for determining how many bottles you will need is; for every one gallon: 11-12 oz bottles, 8-16 oz bottles, 6-20 oz bottles and 4 one-liter bottles.

1. Using a funnel pour root beer into the bottles so that there is about 1ΒΌ inch of air space left in the neck of the bottle. Leaving too little air space will cause the root beer to remain flat. Leaving too much air space will cause the root beer to over carbonate and may cause the bottles to gush when opened or even explode. Fill used plastic soda bottles in the same manner.

2. Seal the bottles tightly and store 4 to 7 days at room temperature. This will allow the yeast to eat some of the sugar and carbonate the soft drink. You can check the carbonation by squeezing the plastic soda bottle. When it is hard, the soda is done and must be refrigerated.

3. Allow the bottles to chill for at least 1 week prior to serving. The root beer will improve in flavor with time; it must be stored in the refrigerator.

WARNING: Glass bottles are NOT recommended for homemade soft drinks because of the risk of injury do to over carbonation.

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Root Beer & Soda

Homemade Root Beer can be Ready to Drink in as Little as Three Weeks.