Kegging Root Beer or Soft Drinks

mug of root beer

The secret to kegging and force carbonating soft drinks is to carbonate most of the water first; the sugar content makes it more difficult to carbonate the finished beverage.

Preparing the Keg and Water

1. Clean and sanitize your keg

2. Place three gallons of cold water into the keg

3. Seal the keg and pressurize by setting your CO2 regulator to 25 pounds

4. Shake the keg until you no longer hear gas running from the regulator

5. Refrigerate the keg and CO2 for 24 hours

Making the Syrup and Extract

1. Prepare your sugars or sugar substitute with one gallon of water

2. Refrigerate mixture until it reached the same temperature as the keg of water

Finishing the Soft Drink

1. Remove keg from the refrigerator and disconnect the CO2 gas

2. Release the pressure on the keg and open the top

3. Carefully, without splashing pour the sugar mixture into the keg

4. Add 1/4 cup of root beer flavor extract (4 Tablespoons)

5. Close the keg and reattach the CO2 at 25 pounds of pressure

6. Refrigerate under pressure for 24 hours

To Serve

1. Reduce regulator pressure to 5 pounds

2. De-pressurize the keg

3. Attached dispensing line and serve as you would ber.

mug of ice cold homemade root beer soft drink

Root Beer & Soda

Homemade Root Beer can be Ready to Drink in as Little as Three Weeks.