Bottles and Storage

We highly recommend the use of plastic P.E.T. bottles for homemade softdrinks because they are much safer around children and you will be able to test the degree of carbonation without opening the bottle and risking contamination. You will notice that when a fully carbonated bottle is cooled in the refrigerator, the amount of carbonation is reduced. This is caused by the fact that the colder a liquid is the more gas it can hold in suspension. Be sure that your plastic test bottle is very, very hard before refrigerating. We do not recommend that you use glass bottles for homemade soft drinks because of the risk of injury do to over carbonation. If you are using the recommend plastic soda bottles with screw on caps please note that your bottles must be cleaned and sanitized prior to each use.

mug of ice cold homemade root beer soft drink

Root Beer & Soda

Homemade Root Beer can be Ready to Drink in as Little as Three Weeks.