Root Beer Brewery

Root Beer Brewery
Item 1640

We have packaged everything you will need to amaze and inspire your children, regardless of how old they are with homemade root beer and many other soda flavors. This kit is designed to introduce you to making homemade soft drinks and comes with enough old fashioned root beer extract, maltodextrin and champagne yeast to make four gallons of homemade root beer along with the instructions for Jim's Really Good Root Beer Recipe. We have also included eight reusable 16 oz. plastic PET root beer bottles, root beer labels you can personalize with your name as the master brewer and a small funnel to help you fill the bottles. You only supply sugar and water, no special equipment is needed.

1640Root Beer Brewery$29.95Each
3060PET Amber Bottles Including Caps$26.95Case of 24

Makes 4 gallons of root beer 1 gallon at a time

mug of ice cold homemade root beer soft drink

Root Beer & Soda

Homemade Root Beer can be Ready to Drink in as Little as Three Weeks.