Checking Acid Content of Homemade Vinegar

vinegar and tomatoes

Complete conversion can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. Titration kits are available to check the acidity and determine how far along the conversion process is. There are also pH strips available however they are not practical when using red wine since the color of the wine interferes with the test strip color. The best tool for testing the pH is a pH meter.

The easiest way to test the readiness of vinegar is by smell and taste. You will know it is working by the sharp smell that it gives off. Taste the vinegar to determine if it has converted to the desired flavor level. If the flavor resembles the alcohol source more than vinegar, then it’s not done yet. You may get a flavor that is too strong, especially with red wine. If it is too acidic, adding a little water to dilute it will create a more pleasing flavor. Keep in mind that the flavor will mellow somewhat when it is aged.