375ml Green Bellissima Bottles

(375ml) Cork Finish Bellissima Green
Item 1026

These tall, slim green wine bottles hold 12.7 ounces or just two glasses of wine. They are perfect for ice wines, cordials, vinegars and oils when you match them with a quality taster cork. Green bottles are good for red wine and wines that will be aged for a long period of time as they cut down on oxidation from light exposure. Order the no. 8 straight cork for all types of wine. Case of 12, corks and shrink caps sold separately. Dimensions: 14 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter. Capacity: 12.7 ounces.

1026375ml Green Bellissima Bottles$26.50Case of 12
1003#8 x 1¾” 1st Quality Wine Bottle Corks$4.9530 count
978Double Lever Wine Bottle Corker$17.45Each
972Portuguese Wine Bottle Floor Corker$64.95Each
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